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2011 May/June Colorful ColoRADo Ezine Edition

May/June 2011 - Inaugural Edition 

Welcome to my fantasy eZine "Colorful Colorado." Every two months, I include the best photos from my wanderings. One shot gets a glorified position on the 'cover' made with FD's Flickr Toys Magazine Cover application over at Big Huge Labs. This is a catch-up effort for the blog. 

17 is enuf
This month includes scenes from a trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado, famous for it's healing hot springs. This excursion was basically to get away from it all and luxuriate in the pools, which are some of the best in the state. Each one is maintained at a different temperature so that you can pick your experience. Mellow bath feel to scalding lobster pot numbing water. If you like the 'Polar Bear Club' thing, you can even hit the near freezing creek. After alternating between the hottest and coldest you won't be able to tell what temperature the water is as you will have confused all your nerve endings ;-)

Why did the turkey cross the road?
Staying at the resort isn't cheap, but you get 24-7 access to all the pools, which includes an adult only area. You will find ample photographic opportunities in the abundance of hiking trails and scenic roads nearby. Here's a hidden gem, well not really hidden but a bit of a trek and definitely off the beaten path: Fourmile Creek Falls.

The geese were out in full force at the golf course and even turkeys made an appearance. This trip included a golf round at the Pagosa Springs Golf Club, which is a nice way to spend an afternoon with the beautiful vistas at nearly every tee shot.

Crawlstroke to Pikes Peak
Garden of the Light Gods
Colorado Springs is a natural stop on the way back to the Front Range, but takes a little longer than coming through South Park. This time we made a point to visit the Garden of the Gods and especially at night, and stayed close by at the Garden of the Gods Club Resort. The Memorial at America the Beautiful is worth a visit but we just scratched the surface with this pass through, so another run is scheduled for next year almost certainly. Pikes Peak has many touristy attractions but the road is spectacular and warrants a day trip.

Time stands still for no one
Back at the home front, Mother's Day included a jaunt to Denver, where the St Patrick's Church was hopping, a near full moon begged for a lens cap trick shot (see the technique explained here), and a new spinner kite got a test flight. I hope you enjoyed the first edition of my eZine. You can also check out the complete set on Flickr, where more photos have been uploaded.

St. Patrick Mission Church

If you buy a kite, the wind will stop blowin

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