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2011 September/October Colorful ColoRADo eZine Edition

September/October 2011

Welcome to my fantasy eZine "Colorful Colorado." Every two months, I include the best photos from my wanderings. One shot gets a glorified position on the 'cover' made with FD's Flickr Toys Magazine Cover application over at Big Huge Labs. This is a catch-up effort for the blog. 
Coffee Pot Road - Looking SE towards Vail
Obligatory collection
One of the truly special times for outdoorsy types of all stripes in Colorado is the fall. Some years are better than others but being that I don't get to witness the East Coast spectacle often I get pretty worked up about the aspen colors. Especially reds. Sometimes even close to a purple or maroon, but rare indeed. This year was a banner year with the season stretching the longest in recent memory. Usually you can count on a week or 2 in both September and October, but I saw leaves in August and November. After a Sunday drive through the scenic areas we know and love my wife convinced me to take a western slope trip and get some leaf shots. It's the best kind of trip - spur of the moment, completely spontaneous. And I was glad I did. The cover and BellBaby (Bells shot with Lensbaby) shots hint of the magic at the Maroon Bells, which are magic really at any time of year. McClure Pass and Kebler Pass are at the top of my aspen pilgrimages but I found a new fave this year at Coffee Pot Road in the Flattops Wilderness, which sported huge orange stands in groups dotted across rolling hills.

Shine on
While we're talking about Lensbaby, the creative aperture possibilities have always intrigued me. One of my earliest was shot with a LB Original and a custom cardboard cutout in the shape of the Star of David. The light sources pass through the aperture and take on the shape if out of focus. Advancing to better systems, I've purchased a LB Composer and am planning to get a sheet of 8x11 magnetic stock to cut the apertures from. Lensbaby actually contacted me directly to submit my design for the new creative aperture kit, but I was in between LBs at the time. Bummer.

Here is the compete eZine set on Flickr with more uploads.

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